Oak Hill Kids is a branch of Oak Hill that exists to teach kids God’s Word so that they would know him more, grow in their walk with Him, and show people the love of Christ through their actions.

What’s Our Vision?

Our vision is in our branding. It is something that we filter everything we do through; its summed up in three easy words: KNOW; GROW; SHOW.

KNOW (Joshua 1:8; 2 Timothy 3:16)

All of our programming is centered around bringing kids to a greater knowledge of God’s Word. Through consistent exposure to His Word, we believe that our kids will experience true success, in that they will live a life pleasing to God.

GROW (Hebrews 6:1; Ephesians 4:20-24)

It is not ok for our kids to simply know God’s Word but it is important to us that through the knowledge they grow into the image of Christ. We want to challenge our kids to transform their old ways of life and put on the new things of Christ. It is our desire that our kids walk out differently than the way they came in.

SHOW (Matthew 5:16; James 2:14-17)

We desire for our kids to show Christ’s love to the world for the sake of the gospel. It is an obligation for our kids to love on our neighbors, their enemies and the outcasts of the world in hopes that they might know Him.

How are we trying to get there?

We offer a variety of programming that helps us live out our vision.


Sunday School is the first place to get plugged into the body at Oak Hill.

If we are a body, then Sunday School is our backbone. It is where you will make friends. It is where you will care for others and be cared for. It is a place for you to grow and a place for you to serve.

We want to get to know you and minister to you. Sunday School is where the church gets small and you can get connected.

Find a class below. Visit, try them out, and find a class to get connected.


  • Bed Babies – W104 – Bethany Goodman
  • Pre-K 1’s – W102
  • Pre-K 2s – W101  –  Stacy Hayes
  • Pre-K 3s – W103
  • Pre-K 4s – W105 – Angel Terry


  • Kindergarten/K5 & 1st Grade – Roseanne Folds
  • 2nd – 5th Grade –  Rebecca Gibbs

Weekly Programs

-Sunday School (4 weeks-5th)
-Children’s Church (4 weeks-5th)
-Recharge Wednesdays (4 weeks-5th)

Yearly Programs

-Summer Day Camp (K5-5th)
-Trunk or Treat
-Sports Camp (4yrs-5th)
-Parent Workshops

To find out more about kids programming at Oak Hill please contact Pastor Raymond at raymond@oakhillbaptist.org

What about safety?

We love our kids and take security very seriously. All of our leaders are required to go through a thorough vetting process to ensure that our leaders are equipped and able to work with our kids.

Our program is proud to use a secure check-in/check-out program by KidCheck that helps us stay informed with our parents and make sure we have all the necessary information for your child. For more information on KidCheck and how it works please view the video below or go to kidcheck.com

Meet our Team!

Raymond Carrillo
Children Pastor

Suzanne Pitts
Preschool Director

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